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Since beginning his career as a private investigator in 1967, Gary Glanz has embraced the latest in technological advances to help him get the job done. Beginning with reel-to-reel tape recorders, wind-up film cameras and bumper beepers, he has always invested in the latest state-of-the-art equipment.

Today, “state-of-the-art” means GPS tracking systems, digital video and audio recorders, high-resolution photography and complicated computer software that allows him to conduct surveillance around the country in real time from his office. But having the right tools is only part of the job – Glanz also has the know-how to make that equipment work for you.

  • GPS Tracking

    Keeping an individual under surveillance is much more of a high-tech proposition than it used to be. Gary Glanz & Associates employs the latest software and hardware available to provide real-time surveillance of a subject anywhere in the country – all from a computer desktop.

  • Hidden Video

    The days of big, loud wind-up movie cameras tucked away in overgrown shrubs are over. Today’s latest generation of video recorders – a fraction the size of their predecessors – can be set up unobtrusively almost anywhere, keeping an unblinking eye on the proceedings and yielding top-quality video.

  • Photography

    Even if a subject can only be kept under surveillance from afar, high-definition zoom photography brings the action up close and personal. Gary Glanz & Associates uses the most sophisticated cameras and lenses available to provide you with the best images possible – no matter how challenging the circumstances.

  • Computer / Digital Forensics

    The computer/digital revolution has made it possible to track illegal or inappropriate activity in a way that never existed before. But it still takes someone with considerable expertise and experience to get inside that computer hard drive or cell phone and locate the material in question, especially if it’s been deleted. Gary Glanz & Associates can get the job done.