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Gary Glanz is no stranger to the local or national media. His numerous successes have brought him to the attention of publications ranging from The Wall Street Journal to Forbes Magazine, solidifying his reputation as perhaps the nation’s most outstanding private investigator. Read what they had to say about him.

  • Four years after suspect’s death, E.C. Mullendore murder case remains active

    Originally Published at THE OKLAHOMAN

    PAWHUSKA — Since 2010, two arrest affidavits have been sitting on Osage County District Attorney Rex Duncan's desk. Both have been sworn, signed and notorized. But neither has ever been filed, and the men listed on the documents aren't likely ...

  • Where’s the Money?

    Originally Published at THISLANDPRESS.com

    Freddie smiled to himself as he drove past the country club and turned into his Southern Hills neighborhood after dropping some cash in a night deposit. His year-old Caddy purred up a gently rising slope, past lush, heavily treed and closely clipped ...

  • Cold Case Oklahoma

    Originally Published at OKLAHOMA MAGAZINE

    A forest of trees has been sacrificed to newsprint in speculation of who killed 32-year-old millionaire rancher E.C. Mullendore III. Estranged from his wife pending divorce, the rancher was on his sprawling 40,000-acre Cross Bell Ranch in Osage...

  • The Private Eye

    When a Chicago prostitute tried to blackmail a wealthy businessman in Tulsa, Okla., not long ago demanding $100,000 in exchange for some embarrassing snapshots-the man hired local private detective Gary Glanz instead of paying the hush money. It ...

  • Scaring Up Old Ghosts

    Originally Published at Urban Tulsa

     Come Sept. 26, it will have been 40 years since a millionaire Osage County rancher named E.C. Mullendore III was  found savagely beaten and shot through the head in the basement of his home. No one was ever charged with the  crime, and though...

  • I Spy

    There was a time when it wasn't difficult to become a private investigator in Oklahoma. Just shell out a few bucks for an application from the city, paint your name on a window, get some business cards printed, and you were in business. There was ...