Anyone who thinks it’s easy making a living as a private investigator has been watching too much television or reading too many mystery novels. Having watched his competitors come and go for 40 years, Gary Glanz knows that better than anybody. To him, there is only one measure of success in this business, and that is producing results for the client – for every client, every time.

Mullendore Murder Mystery

Just a few hours after heavily insured millionaire rancher E.C. Mullendore III was found shot in the head, Gary Glanz was called in to provide security for the murdered man’s estranged wife and family amid rumors that it was a mob hit.

Within hours of the murder, Glanz would find himself at the crime scene, the sprawling Cross Bell Ranch in northern Oklahoma, where he established contacts with law enforcement officials and ranch employees. Over time, his role would evolve into a full-scale investigation of the murder, taking him from Kansas City to Atlanta to Seattle to the Bahamas as he tracked down leads.

Eventually, the case would come to be regarded as the biggest unsolved murder in Oklahoma history, attracting the attention of The Wall Street Journal and becoming the subject of a Warner Bros. book. Glanz’s work would lead to an $8 million insurance settlement for the dead man’s family, reportedly the largest in the history of the U.S. underwriting industry, according to Guinness World Records.

A disclaimer about discretion

Each of the cases discussed on this Web site is a matter of public record and/or has been covered in the media. Gary Glanz & Associates has resolved thousands of other cases for clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to individuals of modest means, the details of which have remained confidential. Protecting our clients’ privacy is something we take very seriously.